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Dragons that can fly are still alive, and they are a real wonder of nature.

There is a lot of magic in this animal kingdom, so let’s go on a trip with these animals.

As long as humans have been around, we have been in awe of any creature that is mythical, especially dragons. These animals are so beautiful that no one ever gets tired of hearing stories and legends about them. Despite the fact that we’ve heard about them in stories and myths, nature has found a way to surprise us with a type of lizard that looks very much like dragons.

This type of lizard, called Draco, is part of the lizard family Agamidae and lives mostly on trees in Southeast Asian tropical forests.

They have membranes on both sides of their trunk, and they can grow up to 10 inches long. It helps these dragons fly from one branch of a tree to another, and they can soar up to 60 meters in the air.

The second reason they like tree ants is that they’re one of their favorite foods.

Three. This is when these animals come down from the trees. At the beginning of the courtship process, the males use their folding membranes to get their partner.

When the females are done courting, they make a small hole in the ground, lay 4-5 eggs, and cover them with soil and leaves. After 24 hours of protecting the eggs, she gives them up and goes back to the treetops.

In fact, each of these lizards is from a different species, so they have different traits and colors. There are some things about each species that make them unique.

They look like they came out of a fairy tale. They are part of nature’s most extreme beauty.

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