You are currently viewing Duck runs the New York City Marathon in red running shoes.

Duck runs the New York City Marathon in red running shoes.

The New York City Marathon is one of the most well-known long-distance races globally, not just in the United States. It’s also one of the largest. People from all over the world come to New York every year to run the 26.219 race on the streets. 33,000 runners took part in the race in 2021. Among them, there was a duck. You read it well. Very spirited Duck: The name of the Duck is Wrinkle!


The white duck was well-equipped with red running shoes, though. Videos of her running on the streets of New York City, which have now gone viral, show that. After all, Wrinkle might not have won a medal or something, but she became an internet star, and her parents are very happy with how she did at the show.


Besides being a beautiful Pekin duck, Wrinkle is more than that. Justin Wood and Joyce Kung, both artists, write about their duck on the internet. She is an adult human child who has grown up and is ready to be an adult. She is quick. She is fast. In this case, Wrinkle is the person in question. The duck is still as fast as a duck.

Wrinkle’s well-known presence was announced on her Instagram account, as well. It said, “I ran the New York Marathon!” 🙂 “Next year, I’ll be even better! The people who cheered for me are to be thanked.

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