You are currently viewing During her “shopping” trip to Target, this dog couldn’t be happier, and her smiles spread across Twitter.

During her “shopping” trip to Target, this dog couldn’t be happier, and her smiles spread across Twitter.

I think Bullseye, who is Target’s dog mascot, has been sent to the back of the stage. Instead, a four-month-old Corgi-Aussie mix named Zira took over the show. Zira’s human mom, @virgoprincxss, has been tweeting pictures of her dog’s happy face recently.

Zira was so excited, just like Target was one of her favorite places for some reason, and she was so excited. In the Twitter world, this happy dog has been spreading good vibes all over, making the post go viral with 545k likes and more than 144,000 shares. The happy shopper in Zira’s post will help you remember to be grateful for the small things in life.

It doesn’t matter how cute Zira’s pictures are, because Target is not a pet-friendly store. They only allow service animals. Before she learned about the store’s policy on Twitter, Zira’s mom didn’t know what was going on. She wrote an apology on her blog.

Zira is a happy dog who recently went shopping at Target, and you can meet her. This picture of her looking happy got a lot of attention. It had 545K likes and 144K retweets. Take a look at that face of pure happiness. It’s so happy. Most people are happy when they shop, so she is too.

She’s been sending out good vibes all over the internet, and everyone is in love with her. She even got people to post pictures of their pets having a good time while they were shopping. Based on how people have responded to her, Zira’s online presence has been good for a lot of people. There were also some people who said they didn’t understand why Zira was at Target because it is illegal to bring non-service dogs into stores.

Zira’s mother took to Facebook to say sorry and show happy pictures of Zira at PetSmart. Zira turns out to be a very happy dog, no matter where or when she is. She’s also the best shopping partner ever. Zira was a big hit on the internet, and people couldn’t help but fall in love with her happiness.

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