You are currently viewing During the flood, a woman notices a bulge in the road and proceeds to save a life.

During the flood, a woman notices a bulge in the road and proceeds to save a life.

Devastating events unfolded that morning. When severe rain caused significant flooding near Lady Penelope’s residence in Australia, she decided to take a closer look at the situation.

As she walked across a little bridge, the rising waves began to recede. On the way, she spotted something. It seemed like a black glob had washed ashore. A newborn duck may have died at first, but she soon realized it was something far more sinister. When she took a better look, she was shocked. It was a platypus that was only a few years old. It was a little, dead thing. The time had come for her to step up and lend a hand.


She gently performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the little platypus with her two fingers. The possibility of it working worried her. However, it did it in an incredible way. He came to life again after a few moments.

He started inhaling and grunting as soon as the platypus spluttered and started moving. Her tears of joy sprang out of her eyes. She sat in the muck next to the baby and wailed, unable to move. When she spoke, she felt a deep sense of affection for him. Fortunately, he made it out unscathed.

When the platypus returned to the water’s edge, she watched as he entered and swam away. Unfortunately, the platypus had been given a second chance at life because of her actions.

Penelope was overjoyed to hear the news. For the first time in her life, she experienced a truly unforgettable experience. Those around her are urged to slow down, look, and be kind. Her faith in the possibility of miracles is what drives her.

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