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Every day is a new adventure for them now that they have met.

Cats are naturally asocial animals. Even their owners can be annoying at times. So we haven’t heard anything about kittens bonding with other animals. That is not the case with Louis, an unusual cat.

Louis’ adoptive mother’s enthusiasm for horses began when he was a kitten. So he quickly fell for one of the ponies. A skilled horse trainer located in North Devon (England), Emma Massingale initially assumed it was a passing phase. But she erred.

“He just started following me to the stable and nudging the horses with his head,” Emma told Love Meow. Then he started jumping on their backs and sitting or jumping on and off the other side.

Comet, the cat’s favorite horse, has loved the baby’s company. Over time, they formed a charming but unexpected friendship. Six years later, Louis and Comet spend their days exploring new places.

Comet and Louis appear to gel. He stops the horse by biting its mane. “It’s bizarre yet amusing,” Emma added. Then he leaps off, but Louis appears to enjoy it, as he stays up there for ages. It’s always motivating and adorable to observe animals of many species connect like these two do!

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