Every morning, Dog pokes his head out of his mailbox to say hello to his friends.

Rigby is a happy, curious, and social Dog who likes to keep an eye on his neighborhood.

When people and their pets walk by the house, Rigby shares with his family, he always wants to say hello.

Because Rigby can “pop out” for a quick hello, it’s not too hard for him to say hello. At least, he can put his cute little face through the mailbox that comes with the house.

Courtney Poole

Rigby has always been a fan of the mailbox, even as a puppy. He was small enough to fit his whole body inside the mailbox during his childhood.

She told The Dodo that her husband and Rigby’s mom would pass him to each other through the mailbox.

Courtney Poole

One-year-old Rigby is too big to fit his whole body through the slot, but he has the right size and height to put his head through the opening.

They all love it when his face comes out through the mailbox. Many people stop and say hi to Rigby.

Courtney Poole

The mailman is one person who hasn’t been happy about Rigby’s peephole. When he opened the mailbox and saw Rigby staring back at him, he was shocked.

In Rigby’s community, he spreads a lot of love and happiness, and we wish more mailboxes were filled with cute gifts like this one!

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