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Everyone thinks this Maine Coon kitten is a dog because he’s so big.

We all know that Maine Coons can grow into little giants, but this one must have taken full advantage of that reputation because people think he’s a dog because of his huge size. He hasn’t even grown to adult size yet. Kefir is the world’s biggest cat, and everyone should meet him now.

Kefir is only a little over two years old doesn’t mean he doesn’t already weigh 28 pounds. The average Maine Coon male can weigh up to 18 pounds. On top of that, he’ll keep growing until he’s 3 or 4 years old, which makes that even more. How big will he be? However, his human doesn’t seem to care about that. She looks like she’s more than happy to snuggle with the world’s largest furball. Anyway, even she was surprised by how big Kefir was getting.


Even though Kefir is so big, he is a very nice person. He lives with his mother, Yuliya Minina, in the small city of Stary Oskol, Russia, which is in the north of the country. Yuliya is very happy that her pet, Kefir, has become an internet hit because of his size. When Yuliya first met Kefir about two years ago, she didn’t think this would happen.

“He might look intimidating, but he is a very loving and humble child,” Kefir’s owner said. “He’s a very clever cat.” It’s weird, but it can sense the general mood in the house. He doesn’t meow, yell, or hurt the furniture. A very good cat.


This is what the young lady says now: People often think that Kefir is a dog. The cat is so big, she told Bored Panda. “A lot of people think it’s a dog at first.”

People say that Yuliya loves living with a big cat, but sharing her bad with him has been hard for her over the last few months.


In the evening, he likes to sleep on her. In the beginning, it didn’t bother me. “Of course, it’s hard to sleep when he’s big and heavy.”

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