Father Who’s Covered In Tattoos Transforms His Body for the Sake of His Young Daughter

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Photo Credit: @ethanmodboybramble | Instagram

Notable Changes

Ethan “ModBoy” Bramble lives in Australia and has tattoos all over his body, even on his face. They cost him almost $40,000 USD. He lived on the Central Coast of New South Wales and had his first body change, which was stretching his earlobes, when he was only 11 years old. Using his body as a canvas quickly became something that interested him. By age 22, he looked like a work of art.

Photo Credit: @ethanmodboybramble | Instagram

Changes of more than 40

Ethan Bramble had more than 40 changes made to him by the time he was 22. He had pierced ears, a belly button taken out, and tattoos all over his body, even on his eyes. He chose to have his tongue split when he was 17. He said it was “the most intense adjustment.” He was in “excruciating” pain and had to sleep with his head up for five days to avoid choking on his tears. He went one step further with his first body change by cutting off his ears.

Photo Credit: @ethanmodboybramble | Instagram

Strange, if not unique


By the next year, he was widely known on social media for “taunting police.” He went on trips while there was an arrest warrant out for him. It’s not clear what the warrant was for or what happened with his charges, but he did have one more change to his body that made people pay attention. When he had a silicone spider physically put into the skin of his hand, his unique taste in art reached a whole new level. “I’ve always liked the way it looks.” When I was younger, I liked Aztec images like nose poles. But as I got older, I realised, “Wow, you can do more serious stuff.” He told. “You can do a lot of strange and crazy things.”

Decision to Remove

Photo Credit: @ethanmodboybramble | Instagram

Ethan says he doesn’t regret getting tattoos, but he does want “to be perceived differently.” What worries him is the “judgement” he’ll face when he does things with his daughter, like taking her to school. It’s a big deal that the face can cause a lot of trouble for some people but not for others. He said, “I probably wouldn’t want my daughter to have to deal with that until she was a bit older.””I wish I hadn’t caused so much trouble on my face.”

Treatment that hurts

Photo Credit: @ethanmodboybramble | Instagram

For his own peace of mind, Ethan has decided to get laser treatment. “I’ve been getting laser surgery for about a year now… We do it in parts, but I think I’ve read the whole thing six or seven times.” It was said. “I began to do it because of the stress and other things I was experiencing… The mind is hard to pin down, but I’d like to believe that a lot of the stress came from having so many tattoos on my face.

Looking ahead to the future

Photo Credit: @ethanmodboybramble | Instagram

Many people have had mixed views about Ethan’s choice, but his more than 125,000 Instagram followers have shown a lot of support for his choice to do all the work to his body. Others have been following his story to be amazed at how strange, if not crazy, he has become. In any case, he’s been himself without shame and fulfilled many wishes. His daughter is now a part of his life and helps to plan it. It looks like becoming a dad has changed his goals and shown him the future in a new way. It makes me happy to think that over the next two years, my face tattoos will become less and less noticeable. I’m also happy with how I look. “I’m just wiping the slate clean.” He gave a reason.

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