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Five Days In The Snow For An Abandoned Dog’s Family

Dogs adore us more than we can imagine.

They are so loyal and trustworthy that when betrayed, they never understand what happened, even though the situation is plain.

Carla, a dog abandoned in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, had the same fate.

The dog had been waiting for her owners for two days when concerned neighbors contacted

Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, For 3 days, Guido had been attempting to save Carla.

The dog even ate from her hand, but when she tried to leash her, she ran away.

The dog would go missing for days, only to show up on someone’s back porch, refusing help from humans.

She was live-tweeting the rescue when she found Carla in the back of her car, so she wrote about it.

The woman who had been attempting to save her for days probably got tired of waiting and decided to trust her. Carla had no microchip and was 15 to 20 pounds underweight when Janine took her to the doctor. Carla is now in a foster home with other dogs and will be available for adoption soon. Carla, a dog from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, was out in the cold.

Residents were frightened because the dog was alone and it was cold.

In response, Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, drove to the area to rescue the puppy.

She fed Carla and kept an eye out for her.

Carla resisted Janine’s leash attempts.

Carla went away for days at a time, and the residents searched for her.

She would sometimes appear on a resident’s back porch.

Carla leapt into the backseat of Janine’s car one day while she was live-tweeting the rescue.

Carla went to the vet.

She had no microchip and had been alone for a long time. She was also 15–20 lbs. undersized. She’s currently in a great foster home with several pets. Adopt Carla after she recovers fully.

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