Flat-Earther Explains Why Nobody Has Fallen Off The Edge

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Why No One Has Fallen Off The Edge: A Flat-Earther

Never having seen anyone fall off the “edge” is one of the strongest reasons against the idea that Earth is round. One person who believes in the flat earth has finally told us why this is true. “Wait, what?” is what the answer will make you say.

Why No One Has Ever Fell Off the Edge of the Earth, According to a Flat Earther

We now have a lot of strong proof that the Earth is round. Outside of Earth, the other planets are round, which you can see with a lens. NASA has many pictures of Earth from space, and scientists have been there and seen it for themselves.

You can even do tests in your own home to prove that the Earth is round. One more thing that is wrong: as was already said, no one has ever fallen off the “edge of the Earth.”

There are still a lot of people who think the Earth is flat, though.

What It Means

People who don’t believe the pictures and accounts of the round shape of the Earth say that NASA, the government, or someone else is lying to us. Different things are behind it, but most of the time it’s power, control, or money.

A famous person who believes the earth is flat, Connor Murphy, finally gave an answer. Why does no one ever jump off the edge of the world and die? “There’s not really an edge.”

“Do you understand what I mean by “fall off into”? There isn’t an edge. “You have this wrong,” he said.”From our point of view, it’s a closed system.” There is water above the heavens (or dome), and there is water below it. You can’t leave it, and there isn’t anti-gravity to let you float around and find other Suns and weird stuff.

He went on to say in the same interview that Antarctica is the edge and that we don’t fall off because of an ice shelf or cliff. You’ll hit the dome if you make it past that.

What About Planes?

If the Earth is flat, we would have already flown off the edge, right? “The Pac-Man Effect” is to blame, says flat earther Darren Nesbit. (1)

He says that when a plane gets to the edge of the Earth, it teleports back to the other side, just like Pac-Man does when he gets to the end of the screen. I guess this is also what stops planes from hitting the dome according to the first theory?

There are a lot of other ideas about the Earth that are not based on the flat Earth theory. Some of these are:

Electricity and magnetism are the only real forces in the world.
Beyond the planes of Earth, there are more dimensions, places, and civilizations that we haven’t found yet.

As Clear As Mud

Since people have been around for a long time, I have a question for flat earthers: Why hasn’t anyone climbed over the ice cliff and hit the “dome” yet? There are planes, trains, and cars. Many hikers have reached hills that look like they’d be impossible to reach. Someone must have tried to look over the “edge” and hit their head on the top before.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still waiting for more strong proof.

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