For every K9 in the Virginia police department, Anderson Cooper gives them vests that can save their lives.

There are a lot of good things about dogs. They work well with human police officers, and they even risk their own lives to keep us safe and make the world a better place. They make a big difference, but police dog work can sometimes be dangerous.

There is also a page called “Officer Down Memorial Page.” It tracks police dog deaths in the line of duty. According to their records, the number of dogs who died in the line of duty has gone up in the last few years. They die because they were shot by someone else during the operation.

Many dogs die after being shot when they try to stop an armed attacker or protect their owners. Giving dogs bulletproof vests is one of the best things you can do to keep them safe in this case. CNN’s Anderson Cooper has recently said that he wants to help with this project, and he has given a lot of money to make sure that every K9 at the Norfolk Police Department has a vest as soon as possible.

That didn’t stop him from giving Spikes K9 Fund four times as much as he won on Jeopardy. Spikes’ goal is to protect service dogs while they are doing their job.

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