Four healthy white lion cubs were born at Safari Park, which is very rare.

The majestic white lion is a very rare animal that has beautiful white fur because of a genetic mutation.

Their white coat is caused by a recessive trait called leucism, which is similar to albinism but not as extreme. The animal loses some of its color, but its eyes and lips stay the same. This is called leucism.

There are fewer than 13 white lions living in the wild, and there are fewer than 300 of them in zoos and other places.

What are the odds that four of these super-rare, cute little fur balls were born at the same time?

So it’s not surprising that when the pictures were shared on social media, the internet fell in love.

It is said that all four of these very rare and very cute babies are boys. In the social media photos, you can see the cubs eating and playing with each other.

Unique and cute little fur balls.

The cubs are in good health and are growing quickly.

There are fewer than 13 white lions in the wild, and fewer than 300 in zoos.

At this time, the Global White Lion Protection Trust does not see white lions as a separate species. Because of this, even though they aren’t very common, they aren’t considered to be an endangered species, so the law doesn’t protect them.

Even though the white lion is a very rare animal, it is not on the list of endangered species.

The White Lions are listed as Panthera leo, which is a “vulnerable” species. This means that they could go extinct in the future if trade isn’t closely regulated.

“The White Lion gene needs to be studied, figured out, and kept safe as soon as possible.”

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