Fox, They have a better day when they sleep on a tree stump while they’re in quarantine.

A Canadian couple recently had a surprise (but cute) guest come over. When the couple looked out of their window, they saw a beautiful scene that looked like something out of a fairytale. A little fox had slept on top of a tree stump in their back yard.

The fox had climbed on top of the big, tall stump and looked like it was asleep. Sara Ryan, the couple’s daughter, saw a picture of the little fox and knew that she had to share this moment with the rest of the world.

They couldn’t keep their excitement in check. Many people have begun to fall in love with the cute fox. After Ryan posted the first picture, he shared a second one of the little sleeper and said that her dad had called the fox “Nezuko.”

When Ryan shared more pictures of Nezuko asleep and cute, people couldn’t get enough of her. The cute fox didn’t know that one little nap could make people all over the world happy. After a while, Nezuko woke up from her nap and left. It looked like this was the end of Nezuko’s internet fame, though. The next day, the little fox came back.

Nezuko may have found a new place to sleep. If they’re lucky, Ryan’s parents might get to see a lot more of Nezuko, Ryan’s little sister. All of us who have fallen in love with the little fox hope that we will be as well.

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