Friendly Puppy gets bored on a plane, so he decides to turn around and play with passengers instead of sitting still.

Long flights are usually a waste of time. But if you have a cute dog to keep you busy, The in-flight entertainer is Huxley, who you should meet.

A lot of times, when I don’t pay him enough attention, he gets angry. He was sitting next to me. Huxley’s owner, Ursula Daphne Aitchison, said that As he always does when he’s in a bad mood, he went to sit with the man in the front seat.

The man was happy to see the dog. And Huxley was very happy to spend time with his new best friend, as well. That’s good. When Huxley heard Ursula open a snack packet, he was shocked.

After hearing that I was eating my crisps, he changed his tune very quickly.

It looked like Huxley was desperate, so he tried to grab a piece. Even so, there wasn’t enough room, as you can see.

We can’t get enough of how cute he is.

Ursula put pictures of Huxley doing all this on Facebook, and it quickly spread.

It said, “Guys, I can’t breathe.”

He sat in that seat for 30 minutes. The man next to him said he was a good passenger, and the man across the aisle was taking selfies with him, too. ” When Huxley kept giving him his paw, he kept giving him more. He was making a lot of people laugh, and the man next to me asked if I could take a picture of him to send to his daughter.

Image Credit & More Info; hugoandursula/instagram | H/T; thedodo

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