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Golden Retrievers are kind to firefighters who are fighting wildfires in California.

There are still a lot of devastating wildfires going on all over California, so the brave firefighters may be tired. Then they always have the strength and the morale to start all over again the next day. That’s because they get so much support and love from everyone. It’s one of them, and it’s very special.

Kerith is a 2-year-old Golden Retriever, and it seems like her job is to comfort people and make them smile. Amidst the wildfires in California, Kerith is trying to improve the morale of the firemen by giving them gifts. People who are willing to risk their lives to save others, like firefighters, feel better when they see the dog.

She told CNN that Kerith is a very special dog who has a lot of love and affection to give to everyone she meets. Her favorite people are firefighters. “She’s cheering everyone up during the crew’s morning meeting. Kerith brings a sense of fun even though they know the task for the day will be hard.

It was supposed to be a guide dog for people with disabilities, but because Kerith was so energetic, she didn’t pass the tests. She was very friendly. That’s when Carmen and her family took in the dog that was so kind to them. As time went by, however, Kerith became certified as a therapy dog. Her job is to help first responders feel better. And her love is very much appreciated.

Another firefighter told me, “Kerith has a unique ability to make me feel like I’m the most important person.” A firefighter from central Marin said, “This was the best base camp in the history of the world because Kerith was there.” As of now, Kerith is cheering up firefighters in California who are battling wildfires. She’s doing a great job!

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