You are currently viewing  “Goth Chicken” is totally black inside and out.

 “Goth Chicken” is totally black inside and out.

The black beauty of fowl, the Ayam Cemeni chicken, has arrived!

This bird, which hails from Indonesia, is both beautiful and mysterious. It has the right amount of exotic flair.

Even the black feathers aren’t the only thing that’s unusual about this bird. In reality, the bird’s entire body is black, from its onyx feet to its metallic feathers, from the inside out. Even the insides of the body are covered in black!

As a result, additional melanin seeps into the tissue, causing a genetic abnormality known as fibromelanosis. As for the chicken’s overall health, this isn’t an issue.

During the embryonic stage, this occurs, resulting in a chicken that is born with a dark brown shell.

People in Japan used to love the black chicken as long ago as the 12th century, when myths began to include it in them.

This charcoal-colored chicken is considered a good luck charm since it is thought to offer good health and strength.

If you ever have the chance to travel to Indonesia, be sure to catch a glimpse of this incredible bird.

People say if you believe in folklore, you’ll be blessed with prosperity and well-being.

Well, it’s a nice opportunity, isn’t it?

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