Grandparents finally say “I do” after 40 years of being free.

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A wedding that had been looked forward to for a long time occurred recently in a city in Mexico. Doa Beba and Don Pancho have been living together for 40 years, but they decided to marry recently. The party, which was held in a big way, was attended by the old couple’s friends and family as well as everyone in the town.

Photo credit: Yo ♥ San Pedro de la Cueva / Facebook

Genoveva Romero Encinas, 86, and Francisco Maldonado Valenzuela, 88, got married at Saint Pedro de la Cueva church in January 2023. On the day of the couple’s wedding, a lot of their friends and family came to celebrate with them. Doa Beba looked beautiful in a white dress with a veil that hid her face and a 2-meter-long train, and Don Francisco looked sharp in a cowboy outfit and hat.

The Municipal Plaza in the town’s centre was the perfect place for the party, with many guests. Because people cared about the couple getting married and the service, travel companies started selling all-inclusive packages to people who wanted to go to the party. Meals and transportation to and from the event were part of these deals. At booths set up in the centre plaza, people were selling churros, roasted beef, hot dogs, and a wide range of other foods and drinks.

Photo credit: © Yo ♥ San Pedro de la Cueva / Facebook

After a short break, the couple showed up at the party, and many of the guests couldn’t pass up the chance to take a picture with them at what was being called “the wedding of the century.”

Photo credit: © Yo ♥ San Pedro de la Cueva / Facebook

Love can last for a long time, as shown by the story of Doa Beba and Don Pancho. They were having too much fun at the party to give us an interview so we could find out how they’ve kept their relationship strong and happy over the years. But we know for sure that making happy memories with each other is one of them.

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