Great Dane finds a trampoline in the backyard and makes everyone laugh with his silly moves.

There isn’t anything dogs can’t do. We’ve seen dogs riding skateboards, singing, and even putting babies to sleep in a matter of seconds. Is it true that you’ve never seen an excellent Dane jump on a trampoline before?

Then this is your chance. Video: The Dane in the video below loves nothing more than spending time outside. But unlike other dogs who would rather play fetch or go for a walk, he likes to jump on the trampoline that his family owns. One of the neighbors could get a picture of him in action and make a funny video of the dog doing what he loves to do outside. Because the neighbor couldn’t resist, we’re glad he didn’t put the video on the web.

When the dog jumps up and down on the trampoline, his face is pure happiness. Great Danes are very tall dogs, which makes this even more fun. He might not be very graceful, but he knows how to have a good time even if there is no one to play with. Look around:

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