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He gets very excited when he sees himself on the news

One thing is for a dog to be excited when it sees its owner for the first time in a while, but when the same thing happens when he sees himself, it’s a little bit selfish, don’t you think? This dog in Louisiana is going crazy when he sees himself on the news.

On the other hand, Bronn became an internet sensation long before he made the news in his hometown. It wasn’t because of a show he was in, but because of how gentle and loving he was to his 7-month-old human brother, Liam.

A few weeks ago, Angela Lally Labat shared heartwarming footage of her little boy and the family’s dog, Bronn. Bronn is the family’s pet. People were moved by the short video, and it’s no wonder why.

Besides, Angela’s Facebook friends weren’t the only ones moved by the beautiful scenes that she shared. A local news station saw the video, so they put it on TV. Angela did get a lot of attention, but she didn’t even come close to Bronn’s. So, she recorded the dog’s reaction when he saw himself on TV and then showed it to him.

The moment he realizes it’s actually he and his little fella on that big screen, Bronn completely flips out. Look around:

h/t: Facebook

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