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He jumps into the icy water to save the dog’s life.

No, I wouldn’t. If you were in a life-or-death situation, it’s hard to say what anyone else would do. Some people would risk their lives for an animal. People who do this deserve to be called that.

In Buffalo, New York, it was very cold. Don Chattern was walking with his two dogs when a woman came up to him and asked for help. Don didn’t think twice about going to help her. When the missing dog was found, Don realized how much danger the dog was in, and he knew that he had to act quickly.

In Ellicott Creek Park, Chatter knew that there was little time left to do something to save the dog.

WKBW News said that even though Don called 911, he took it upon himself to save the puppy because he thought the police might be too late. In the middle of the thin ice, Chatter tried to crawl across to get to the animal. The ice broke, and he was dragged into the freezing water.

Don told WKBN News, “I knew it wasn’t very deep in this part because I used to come here as a child.” It took Chatterns a long time to get through the icy waist-deep water, but he was able to save the pup. He was then taken to the vet, where he was checked out.

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