Here are 15 women who have stopped shaving and have found newfound freedom as a result.

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Many modern women, whether as a statement about the value of natural beauty or defiance of sexist conventions, forgo regular waxing or shaving. Even if society continues to label it as unfeminine, these strong women are proud that they can embrace an aspect of their bodies that brings shame to others.

Bright Side applauds the brave ladies around who have put down their razors and learned to love every inch of their hairy bodies.

1. “Beards are cool.”

To avoid embarrassment, avoid shaving.

#3 “Natural just feels best.”

4. “In Quebec, we celebrate ‘Maipoils’ (May hair). Four years ago, during Maipoils, I decided to quit shaving my legs forever.

Five, “Foraging Outfit.”

He has more, but I’m content with what I have! Couples that spend time together tend to mature together.

Cleanup for Earth Day!”

Eighth, “I realised that leg hair had another use. When ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects land on me, I know it.

Nine. “I got married today and wore my natural body hair as a beautiful accessory.”

10 I’m on my way to a party! I never would have had the guts to try this even a few years ago.

11. “Two years ago I found a picture of the first hairs growing in my armpits, and I haven’t shaved them since!”

12, “I haven’t had a shave since this past spring!” I’ve never been happier!

13 – “Beach day.”

Quote: “I love wearing my hairy pits at the beach, I feel so beautiful.”

15 I’m “feeling cosy in my bodysuit.”

Do you have any thoughts on ladies who choose not to shave their bodies? Have you ever given that a thought?

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