Here’s What a Handshake Symbol on a Parking Space Means

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What Does a Handshake Sign Mean on a Parking Spot?

Life is always changing. It looks like things are getting messier as we age and as society becomes more organized. It’s not as easy to go to shops or malls as it used to be. Because of this, shopping online has become more popular and is now often seen as normal.

Not getting exactly what you thought you were buying is one of the problems with online shopping, even though it is much more handy. There are also more serious problems, like worries about safety. As a new way to make sure safety, the small Canadian city of Pembroke is using a kiss as a way to deal with some of these worries. Even though it’s not the norm, their idea could keep thousands of shoppers safe. Pembroke might change the way people shop online if it turns out to be popular.

Handshake signs stand for safety.

All over the city, parking spots have a handshake sign on them. The Pembroke OPP, which is the police force in Pembroke, said something about the new handshake sign parking spots. The OPP said in a news release that Project Safe Trade’s goal is to make a “community safety zone” at an OPP station parking lot to make it easier for people to buy and sell property online. “Building a ‘community safety zone’ means moving online transactions from private parking lots, homes, and other places that aren’t visible to the public to a public area.”

Things about the project

The handshake symbol spots, which are actually called “safe trade spots,” will be open 24 hours a day and won’t need bookings. These spots are easy to use. The kiss symbol spots can be used as a neutral meeting place if you bought something online but need to pick it up or pay for it in person. This area will not be watched 24 hours a day, so keep that in mind. This means the cops won’t be involved in any way, like mediating or watching a deal go through. If someone calls or complains to the city about a crime, on the other hand, they will have cops on the scene right away. The place will be well-lit and easy to get to because it is right off the highway.

Shopping for the holidays

Things get even busier during the holidays, and people often don’t pay attention to all the details of their transactions. The handshake symbol spots were made to go with the holiday season. “The local launch of Project Safe Trade comes at a great time with the busy holiday season upon us,” says Steph Neufeld, captain of the safety unit. Online real estate deals are growing all the time, and the UOV OPP is excited to start a community safety program to help lower the number of crimes related to these deals. “Collaborative approaches like Project Safe Trade can help to reduce harm and victimization in our communities,” he says next.

Image Credit: CTC News Ottawa

Beyond the Sign of the Handshake

Of course, the handshake parking lots are a great start, but the city has added more to the idea. That is, one skilled Canadian resident. A tech expert named Carmi Levy gives good advice. Even though these things seem clear, it’s easy to forget about them during a busy time like the holidays.

Levy said, “Check out the person who says they are selling it.” Do some research on them. See what other things they’ve sold and how other buyers have dealt with them in the past. Also telling people, “Make sure you see the device you’re buying in person before you pay for it.” Tell them they have to turn it on. Make sure you know it works before you pay for it. This is a great way to keep your money safe and not waste it on something that isn’t worth it.

Other Tips for Safety

Some other suggestions are to do business with someone you know and trust when you’re online. Save all conversations between the buyer and seller, whether they are voicemails, emails, or texts. Apps for shopping like “LetGo” and “OfferUp” also say they won’t ask for personal information. They say to be careful giving out personal information with little or no information that is needed.

They also say that you should only have those talks in the app. You don’t have to give out personal information to a stranger because the talk will be recorded in a safe place. For Canadians living in the Pembroke area, looking for parking lots with the handshake sign can help keep people safe this holiday season. In addition, they can help make things safer in the years to come.

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