Here’s Where Elon Musk’s Tesla He Shot Into Space Is Now

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This is where Elon Musk’s Tesla that he sent into space is now.

People did look at Elon Musk funny when he chose to send his own Tesla into space. Where is it now? That’s the big question people have been asking after 5 years of it being in space. After being lost in space for exactly five years, the racing car has been seen again on February 6. When a year had passed, the estimated data showed that the object had gone around the Sun almost three and a quarter times.


Additionally, the website made to track this particular Roadster said that it was located 203 million miles away from Earth. Also, the cherry racing car has driven nearly 2.5 billion miles through space, where there is nothing but empty space. It was only two years after the car was sent into space that it came very close to hitting Mars for the first time, when it went within 5 million miles of it. This could also mean that it is 20 times farther away than the Earth is from the Moon.

Musk’s Tesla in space could be anywhere. Mars and the sun
Still, it’s not easy to figure out where this Tesla is in space, and there’s no way to be sure. No one knows for sure if the car is still together or if it has been destroyed by radiation, a meteoroid, or something else that can’t be fixed. Since the Falcon Heavy rocket sent the car into orbit, it has been impossible to get a clear look at it. All the information we have right now comes from guesses about where the car could go.


Additionally, it is worth mentioning that neither SpaceX nor NASA scientists are very excited or interested in following the car’s path, as it doesn’t really provide much scientific value. After all was said and done, the Roadster was just a waste of time as a fake payload for the Falcon Heavy’s inaugural flight in February 2018. Musk himself thought this launch had a 50/50 chance of succeeding, which I found interesting.

Or Has It Been Blown Up?

The rocket launch went off without a hitch, which is pretty amazing. The car has been orbiting the Sun since it was sent into space. A long journey has been planned for it that would swing as far away from the sun as Mars’ orbit and as close as Earth’s orbit. If you trusted its patterns, the Tesla in space had just crossed paths with Mars on Monday, even though Mars was on the other side of the Sun.

A lot of excitement had been building up around the car before it came out in 2018. SpaceX was able to put a lot of Easter eggs in the car as it stands. A dummy wearing a space suit and called “Starman” was at the wheel. On the dashboard was a sign that said “Don’t Panic,” which is a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. There was also a data storage device in the car that had all of Isaac Asimov’s works on it, as well as a plaque with the names of thousands of SpaceX workers.

Musk said that when he sent the car into space, he thought that people would also be able to live on other planets in our solar system. Elon Musk has had this dream for a long time, and it’s been at the heart of SpaceX’s stated goal to finally settle on Mars. Musk joked that he hoped his children and grandchildren would find the abandoned Roadster and take it to a museum if it ever did happen.

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