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Heroes save an exhausted kangaroo from a freezing lake. In return, the roo gives them a handshake.

When two brave Australians saw that a kangaroo was in trouble, they worked together to pull it out of the way. This is what happened to the confused roo after getting stuck in a cold lake in Canberra. As a good thing, two brave men pulled him from the water just in time. The animal is said to have even given one of his rescuers a handshake in return. The video of the moment went viral on the internet.

David Boyd, an eyewitness who saw the rescue, first shared the video on Facebook. It shows two strangers carefully approaching an exhausted kangaroo that can’t move after getting stuck in the cold water of Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra, Australia. When the poor animals were finally taken to the shores, they and their rescuers were safe. It is known that kangaroos can be very dangerous when people are around (even though the intentions are peaceful).

Facebook/David Boyd

This is what any person with a heart would do, one of the two rescuers told ABC Australia. You do this to help animals or people or whatever else they need, and we’ve seen that many times over the years.

Facebook/David Boyd

As the two brave men took the kangaroo to safety, a third man standing on the boardwalk put his hands on the roo and tried to comfort him. It took about 30 minutes for the three men to get the animal to calm down again. That’s not what happened. When the marsupial came to his senses, though, he came up with the sweetest way to thank one of the people who helped him out. Shaking his hand:

Facebook/David Boyd

The kind rescue made a lot of people happy on social media. When one person saw this, they said, “It doesn’t get more Aussie than a Kangaroo being swooped by a Magpie, great job, boys.” They said: “These men were so calm. They looked like they were asleep.” “What great people.”

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