His favorite teddy bear kept him company. A rabbit that had been left behind was found inside of a box.

So Nigel, a small rabbit, is seeking solace from his very own teddy bear.

His family abandoned him, and he was left alone in a cardboard box outside in the cold. Except for his torn teddy bear, who is his dearest friend, he is alone.

Nigel was discovered on the side of the road after someone observed a moving box. Inside the box, a kind rescuer found him holding his teddy and called the RSPCA right away.

He is currently boarded in a boarding facility while looking for a forever home.

He was seen by a veterinarian as soon as he got to the institution, who fortunately told everyone that Nigel was fine despite everything.

However, he is still very shaken by what happened and relies on his teddy for comfort as he adapts to his new temporary home in a new place..

After everything he’s been through, it’s nice to have something to hold on to that will make him feel secure.

Nigel clings to his stuffed animal and carries it around with him.

He probably associates the teddy with his previous residence, before he was abandoned.

His best friend, this teddy bear, makes him feel protected and comfortable.

Nigel and his furry friend will soon find a loving home. Nigel and his furry companion will soon find a loving home.

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