You are currently viewing His “guide dog” is always by his side and helps him see the world.

His “guide dog” is always by his side and helps him see the world.

It’s been hard for him since he came into the world. This Staffordshire bull terrier is so cute. Born blind, Amos had difficulty living, let alone having a family or even a friend. In the end, kindness always pays off. Toby, his best friend, is now not just a friend but also a “guide dog” who helps him get around.

His life was changed when one of the people who worked for the rescue center where he was born took care of him. Jess Martin has been in love with animals since she was a little girl. The first time she met him, she fell in love. When everyone was not paying attention to him because he was blind, Jess decided to take him in and care for him until he could find a home that was right for him. But what should have been a short-term stay turned into a long-term deal.


Jess didn’t care about anything else. Her only concern was how her dog Toby would react when the new family member visited. That isn’t even what Jess thought. As it turns out, Toby not only let Amos into his space, but he turned himself into his eye-seeing dog, and now he helps his brother find the water bowl and see the world around them.


As long as Amos was in the vet’s care for four months, Jess and her husband decided to foster him in February of last year. After a while, they realized that they couldn’t give him back. He growled at him at first. After a few days, I saw that Amos couldn’t find his water bowl, and Toby nudged him and helped him.


While Amos is still having difficulty making friends or even talking to other dogs, his friendship with Toby is growing. It is more than just a friend to Amos. At the same time, he is his guide dog and guardian angel. He’s also his mother and brother. The small dog always wants to protect and comfort his best friend in a world that is cruel to him. Now, Toby isn’t just helping Amos find his water bowl. He also allows him see the world around him!

“The other dogs don’t like Amos when they see him because he doesn’t speak the same way, so he doesn’t have any other friends,” Jess said. “But Toby is always there to protect him – we call him his bodyguard,” says the person.

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