When he saw a white raven, a man from Errington, British Columbia, couldn’t believe his eyes. The man saw the strange-looking bird while he was in a field outside of the city. He noticed right away that the young raven was hurt. The poor bird couldn’t fly and had many wounds on its feet. The kind man took it to North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre right away. Even the people who worked at the rescue center were surprised that someone had brought them such a rare bird.

Anyway, the bird’s critical condition was their main concern. They worried about it dying because its wounds looked worse than they thought. “The sacred white ravens of Oceanside” is what Derek Downes called the Wildlife Recovery Centre. “Unfortunately, only one of them has lived through its first winter.” The condition of the white raven was so bad that it couldn’t even eat, so it was taken right away to the intensive care unit. Here, they gave it antibiotics to help heal its wounds and vitamins to help it get stronger.

The rare bird responded well to the medicine, and he is now on his way to getting better. Even though it will be a while before he can go back into the wild, the staff at the recovery center are very sure he will make it. Downes said, “His body is in great shape now, and he flies a little bit in his enclosure.” “I’m really hoping that this will work out for us.”

The unusual color of the raven’s feathers comes from a genetic condition called leucism. Unfortunately, this is a very rare event that can affect the color of his feathers and his eyesight, and, even worse, his immune system.

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