How to remove set-in grease stains from laundry

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How to get grease marks out of clothes that are already there

Getting rid of grease stains is extremely hard. If the stained item wasn’t a recent buy or something we really value, we might just throw it away. But when it’s something we really love, we do everything we can to bring it back to its former beauty and enjoy wearing it again.

When you need to get rid of grease marks, Dawn Platinum Erasing Dish Foam works well.

It makes sense to make this choice; if the foam is meant to remove grease from dishes, it should work just as well on clothes.

We make the entry process easy and clear. You should put the foam right on the stain and let it sit for at least five minutes. After that, wash the item normally with your regular washing detergent. For spots that won’t come out, you might have to do it again.

This method is unique because it works well on stains that have set in over time and can be used on different types of cloth, like cotton, denim, and polyester.

If you want to use this method on more delicate fabrics, you should do a spot test first to make sure the cloth stays intact.


People who don’t like doing laundry might find this tip very helpful. It could make your laundry process much easier and save you time and stress.

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