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Husky stuck on roof kisses rescuer.

We rely on firefighters to save us. They aid both humans and animals. Humans are grateful to these great heroes, so why shouldn’t a dog? This adorable Maine rescue pup selected the cutest way to thank the firefighters who saved his life. And it’s a beautiful moment.

When a passerby saw a Husky stranded on a house’s roof, they phoned the cops. Captain Jeff Nawfel of the Wells Police Department, Maine, came shortly after. The seasoned first responder took too long to handle the situation. He managed to free the imprisoned dog after a few minutes.

Wells Fire Department

“The dog was pacing on the porch overhang,” captain Nawfel told InsideEdition. “It wasn’t distressed.” But the dog’s thank you to Captain Nawfel left everyone dumbfounded. He thanked his savior with a passionate kiss. Thankfully, the sweet event was captured on camera and posted on social media.

Wells Fire Department

“This lovely dog climbed onto the roof of his house via an upstairs window. We got many of calls…” WELLS, ME — “Officer McDonald and the Wells Fire Department rescued him! Everyone who called and helped save him.” The poor pooch apparently climbed up through an open window.

Wells Fire Department

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