I Am a Mom, I Have 800 Tattoos And Can’t Get a Job — Not Even Cleaning Toilets

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Melissa has faced a lot of criticism because of her tattooed look.

Tattoos used to make people fight, especially when they were different ages. But things are changing, and body art is becoming more popular. Melissa Sloan is a mum who had a funny experience because someone thought she was a bank robber because of her tattoos. Find out how she handles what other people think and what she thinks about stereotypes.

Melissa Sloan is 46 years old and comes from Wales in the UK. She used to clean toilets for a living, but now it’s hard for her to find a job like that. She has tattoos all over her face and body, which makes her stand out. People judge her because she has tattoos, which makes it hard for her to find paid work.

The mother-of-2 is absolutely puzzled by people’s criticism.

Sloan says in her interview, “I can’t find a job.” “I wanted to clean toilets near where I live, but they won’t hire me because I have tattoos.”

Melissa can’t figure out why people are so interested in her scars. “People have said I’ve never had a job in my life, but I did have one once, and it didn’t last long,” she says. “If someone gave me a job tomorrow, I’d go to work—I’d take that job.”

Despite all the challenges, she’s determined to hold onto her passion.

Melissa got her first tattoo when she was 20. After that, she became very interested in them. She especially likes face tattoos; now she has them all over her face. Even her old tattoos have been covered up three times, making a complex piece of art on her face.

Melissa gets at least three new tattoos every week, even though she’s having trouble finding work. She says that she is “addicted” to getting them.

“I’ll still get them if I live to be 70,” she said. “Every bit of skin will be covered, even if I turn blue. My face is already turning blue; I look like a Smurf.”

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