You are currently viewing I found a stray kitten under my car. I decided to adopt her as my “perfect partner.”

I found a stray kitten under my car. I decided to adopt her as my “perfect partner.”

There are some statistics that show that one in five pet lovers becomes a cat owner by accident. When you think about it, it doesn’t surprise you that a cat would choose its human parents. A police officer from the Louisville Metro Police Department in Kentucky recently had a very cute accident.

His “two cats, two dogs, two snakes, and a bearded dragon” show that Officer McDermott has always been a big animal fan, and he has them all. A few days ago, the officer was able to add another member to his furry family. He got the sweetest “partner.” The cop was on patrol when he had to solve the cutest rescue mission because he was an officer and had to help. When he looked under his car, he saw a little kitten that was scared. He decided to help the animal out. because the cute little thing didn’t know that he’d be his best friend.

Facebook/Louisville Metro Police Department

So Officer McDermott used some cheese that smelled good to get the kitten out of the car. It worked. But as soon as he put the tiny fluffy balls on his arm, the officer fell in love. So he decided to adopt the kitten.

Now, the stray cat is the first cat officer in the Louisville Metro Police Department. Officer McDermott’s best friend is the cat.

Facebook/Louisville Metro Police Department

Police in Louisville, Kentucky, say that Officer McDermott caught a cat burglar. I mean, this is positively the best partner for the police. Police Officer McDermott’s car was hit by a cat that ran under it. He had to pay her with Cheese Its to get her out! For this lost cat, it is like a fairy tale come true. She now goes by the name Banshee and lives with Officer McDermott.

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