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In Ontario, a man saves a family of deer stuck on a frozen lake.

Ryan Peterson, who loves to skate, was very happy about how cold it was in Canada. But what turns out to be pure happiness for him turns out to be a terrible nightmare for three deer who get stuck on a frozen lake. Ryan is not only a good skater but also really cares about animals, so he stepped up and saved the wild animals. The video of the moment went viral after it was posted online.

During his lunch break, Ryan put on his skates and went for a skate on the Lake of the Woods, Ontario. But as soon as he got there, he saw that the three deer were having trouble standing up. The lake wasn’t completely frozen, and the thin ice could have broken at any time, putting the helpless animals in real danger. The kind man knew he had to do something, and he knew he had to do it quickly.

Ryan Peterson

Ryan knew the only way to save the deer without using a vehicle was with a rope. He ran back to work, grabbed a rope, and returned to the rescue.

Ryan Peterson

“When I got back to work, I got some rope. The ice was still too thin for any kind of vehicle, so skating was the only choice,” the Good Samaritan told THE GUARDIAN. “When I returned, they were still in the same place.”

The skater carefully got close to the animals, put the rope around their necks, and then pulled them back to safety. As soon as they felt safe on land, they got lost in the woods again.

Ryan Peterson

It’s not clear how the three wild animals got to the middle of the frozen lake, but one thing is for sure: this kind man gave them a second chance. Ryan said, “I’m not sure how they got all the way out there on foot.” “But they did leave there,” he said.

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