In rare footage, a whale that weighs about 40 tons jumps out of the water

.Many people dream of seeing a whale jump completely out of the water and show off its beautiful body, but very few people get to do it in real life. That’s what the lucky guy who took the video below did, and he’s lucky that he decided to share the amazing footage with everyone.

In Pondoland, South Africa, Craig Capehart and three other scuba divers were sailing around looking for sardines. They came across a sight that they will never forget, and they were amazed. It was a rare, clear, crisp, cold, winter day. They didn’t expect any action, which is why they were all shocked when they saw a huge humpback whale breaching several times.

Before going back down into the ocean, the whale gave them one last show to remember. When the whale jumped completely out of the water, Craig and his coworkers had their mouths wide open. This was an amazing show of power and grace. Craig said that what he saw that day was “very rare indeed.”

Everyone should see this!

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