You are currently viewing In The Lion King, see how a loving puppy reacts to a tragic scene.

In The Lion King, see how a loving puppy reacts to a tragic scene.

It sometimes takes a dog to remind us to be more sensitive and affectionate with one another. A short video of a rescued puppy crying while watching “The Lion King” makes me ask, “Do we deserve dogs?”

Despite her tragic past, Luna, eight months old, still has the ability to transmit love and affection not just to her family, but to everyone she meets. Luna was only a few weeks old when Josh Myers and Hannah Huddleston from Chattanooga, Tennessee, first saw her. After her pregnant mother was rescued from the streets, she became one of the Humane Educational Society’s youngest residents in Tennessee. In the end, the pregnant dog gave birth to 12 puppies.

On their initial visit to the shelter, Hannah and Josh didn’t have a specific puppy in mind to adopt, but once they met Luna, everything became clear. Hannah couldn’t get the cute, tiny thing out of her arms. Since then, the tiny pit bull has become a member of the family.

Luna’s recent reaction moved the pair to tears, despite the fact that they already knew she had a wonderful nature. Hannah and Josh were watching “The Lion King” one evening as Luna played with her plush animals. However, when one of the movie’s saddest sequences begins, the sensitive pit bull begins to cry.

Josh remarked on Facebook, “Seeing her bawling at the TV was the greatest thing I think I’ve ever seen.” She even takes a nap after Simba has a nap with his father. We are not deserving of dogs. She’s only four months old and already demonstrates empathy. “

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(h.t: Josh Myers | TheDodo)

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