You are currently viewing In the rain, these frogs embrace under a flower.

In the rain, these frogs embrace under a flower.

Throughout his childhood in Indonesia, Ajar Setiadi had an interest in learning about the creatures and reptiles that lived around his home. A long-term interest in unusual reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects, and reptile eggs and larvae led him to buy a camera and start taking pictures of what he found.

A long time spent behind the lens taught him how to capture these reclusive animals at their most sympathetic and emotive.


During the rainy season, Setiadi enjoys watching dumpy tree frogs (also known as white tree frogs) hide in the forest. In the middle of a storm one February day, the boy spotted one frog protecting another under a flower umbrella from the rain. In order to capture this heart-melting moment, he was quick to grab his camera and explain, “I could only shoot a few photos because this moment can’t be replicated,” in an interview he gave.


Setiadi says that although it takes a lot of patience to catch these charming moments, it’s always worth it. For now, I’m just savoring every minute. ” He also has no qualms about getting wet in order to capture the best of nature.


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