You are currently viewing In this adorable video, a baby girl tries to persuade a large fuzzy companion that it’s bath time.

In this adorable video, a baby girl tries to persuade a large fuzzy companion that it’s bath time.

This is the adorable moment when a baby girl tries her hardest to persuade her huge dog to take a bath. Phil, a lovely Malamute, is exhausted after spending time in the backyard, so he goes into his younger sister’s room to nap. Mom, on the other hand, is not pleased since Phil’s paws are covered in muck and his lovely fur is wet and muddy. So she asks him to take a bath, but he does not appear pleased.

Because Phil isn’t convinced by the way his parents are attempting to persuade him, they name their baby girl Amelia, who is Phil’s best friend. And that’s when the sweet bargaining begins. The young kid approaches her pal, guided by her parents, and respectfully asks him whether he truly needs a warm bath!

Life with Malamutes

“Come on, pal… come on, come on,” Amelia, the baby, says. “Aww, he’s depressed.” Tell him it’s bath time and be polite to him. Perhaps a kiss on the ear, the girl’s father suggests. The girl gives her “furry companion” a gentle kiss on the ear and even pets him, but Phil remains firm. Even a modest treat, as well as the family’s cat, who eventually joins them in their endeavor to lure the gentle giant into the restroom, fails to persuade him. His response, though, remains a resounding “no.”

Life with Malamutes

Phil eventually finds his way to the restroom, despite the best efforts of everyone in the house! Here’s where you can see the hilarious moment!

In a second viral video, Phil is captured on camera timidly walking into the bath tube. Of course, Amelia is there to assist him in cleaning off his fur. Milo, the fluffy cat, couldn’t miss the show because he was also contributing to the cause.

Life with Malamutes

In the video description, Amelia’s mother stated, “You won’t believe how Phil gets in the bath by himself after Amelia convinced him in the last movie.” “How much he adores this tiny kid!”

Amelia and her furry pals are a regular source of joy and happiness on YouTube, where they post adorable footage of their exploits.

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