You are currently viewing In this heartwarming video, a tiny puppy meets the police officer who saved his life, and it’s so sweet.

In this heartwarming video, a tiny puppy meets the police officer who saved his life, and it’s so sweet.

They promise to protect and serve not just humans, but all living things, too. It’s not just our pets that the brave officers risk their own lives to save. They also risk their own lives to save helpless animals in the wild, too.

It wasn’t just once that the four-legged animals thanked the people who saved them in the sweetest way. One of the Jack Russells is very happy when it meets the police officer who saved its life. A video of the puppy’s heartwarming moment was taken, and it’s hard not to be moved by how much he thanks the man who took him in.

A six-month-old dog was found by police during a raid on a home in Tustin, California. Officers knew right away that Bubba’s owners were bad for him, so they rushed to help him. Officer Laurich wrapped the dog in a blanket and took him to a local animal shelter, which is called Orange County Animal Care.

In the beginning, even though they had only been together for a short time, Officer Laurich and Bubba formed an instant friendship. A few months after they first met, the kind cop thought he’d stop by and say hello to his little friend again. Everyone was moved by Bubba’s reaction when he saw his hero. At that moment, there was nothing but happiness and excitement.

On Facebook, the police department decided to show everyone how happy the two people were together. “Today, we went to Orange County Animal Care and found Bubba and Officer Laurich.” The people wrote in the paper that Officer Laurich was the first officer who took Bubba into custody. It looked like Bubba was healthy and happy, and both he and Officer Laurich looked like they had a great time with each other.

When Bubba is done with his recovery, he will be ready to find a new home and be ready to go. And I’m pretty sure that Officer Laurich will be at the top of the list as well!

The heartwarming reunion can be seen right here on this page.

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