You are currently viewing In this video, a man starts singing the “Lion King” song, and his donkey joins.

In this video, a man starts singing the “Lion King” song, and his donkey joins.

After making a joke, this donkey owner in Sumter, South Carolina, made a big deal out of the whole thing. This is what Travis Kinley wanted to do. He wanted to record himself singing the Elton John song, “The Circle of Life,” while he sat next to his donkey Nathan. But he didn’t know that a talented animal would join him along the way, making both of them internet stars at the same time.

Nathan didn’t show off his musical skills before, a troublemaker for his previous owners says his new singing partner. Travis was shocked when his donkey joined him in the middle of a song. However, with his four-legged friend in the background, the man kept singing.

Facebook/Travis Kinley

People say I got him from somewhere near the NC-SC line. He was causing trouble at someone else’s house, so Travis went to pick him up for 100 bucks. “He seemed fine with me,” he said. But I didn’t know Nathan would yell. When he does it in the video, I’m shocked. He’s yelled before, but never like this.

Though the outcome was hilarious, Travis didn’t keep it to himself. There were over 6 million views on Facebook of the video he made, just on Facebook! Later, the man said that it all started out as a joke. As soon as he took out his phone and started recording, the dog began to bark next to him, he told Live 5 News. He thought we were two peas in a pod and let me be loud, probably because I was loud.

Facebook/Travis Kinley

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