In this video, a tiny bear cub climbs a snowy mountain to see its mother again.

Nature can be so cruel at times. Some animals have to deal with some very difficult things to live. Siberia is most definitely a place that looks like this, but it’s not. To live in this cold land, only the strongest people would be able. For a little bear cub, life is easy.

Before this week, there was a video of a mother bear and her month-old cub trying to climb a snowy mountain. ‘What did I just watch?’ first shared the dramatic footage, and it quickly went viral with more than 60 million views in just a few days.


This video is amazing because the cub is determined to climb up the mountain. The scene was taken by a drone, and it looks like it shows how you can succeed if you never, ever give up.

The little cub has a hard time getting to the top of the hill, and he falls back repeatedly. But he doesn’t give up, even though it looks like he can’t reach his mom again.


The little bear shows a lot of determination, but he knows there’s only one way out. Making the impossible happen or die. Finally, after a few failed attempts, he could do it. Take a look at the dramatic scene below!


h/t: What Did I Just Watch?

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