In Ukraine, a cat cafe is open even during the war.

The cat cafe in Lviv, Ukraine, has been open for more than six years. It means a lot to everyone who is part of it. Sergei Oliinyk owns the cat cafe in Lviv. They have worked there for a long time with a group of close friends. Even the cats are used to them. It’s because the cats live there that they enjoy getting attention from people.

It has 20 cats who love to meet people. They hang out with the visitors while they have a meal or just lay back and enjoy the scenery. A lot of people go there to forget about the stress in their lives so they can play with cats who love them.

In light of the Russian invasion, many Ukrainians are leaving their country now. But Oiinyk isn’t one of them. He stays at the cafe with his family.

There’s a cat cafe where cats live when they’re 4 months old. Family: They aren’t ready to leave the country. He says that it is the only place where they could see how they would look in years to come.

As a result of all of the people, the cat cafe has decided to stay open. Because they need this more than ever, they will keep giving people a safe place to stop and say hello to the cats.

They have a few regulars. Three large rooms are also available for guests and cats to use if there is an air raid warning. Two of the rooms are in the basement.

They will never leave their cats, no matter what.

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