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It took bees two days to find and save their queen, who was stuck behind a car.

Many bees are swarming around a car as you walk through town. No, it wouldn’t be like that at all. Well, believe it or not, that’s what the people of Haverfordwest in West Wales had seen before. Everyone, of course, was wondering what a swarm of bees had to do with an SUV car. Why did they do this? They were protecting their queen.

It’s said that when Carol Howarth, 68, went to a nature reserve a few miles from her house, the queen bee broke into her car. Bees are very loyal to their leader, so many of them started to follow the car.

The next day, Carol went to the store. A local ranger saw the “big brown splodge” and told some beekeepers about it. The man was afraid that the bees would be mishandled.

People in Pembrokeshire say ranger Tom Moses was driving through town when he saw what was going on. People were taking pictures of cars that were slowing down, and they were also taking pictures of the cars. I was a little afraid that someone might get hurt or hurt the bees because it was outside a pub in the middle of town.

It was soon after that a group of beekeepers came to help. The problem looked like it was solved. Then, it wasn’t even close! She said a few bees had stayed with Carol when she came home the next day. So, she called the beekeepers again to see if they could help. Only this time, they could figure out what was going on.

A beekeeper in Pembrokeshire, Roger Burns, said that the bee had probably been drawn to something sweet in the car and had gotten into a gap in the boot’s wiper blade or the hinge. People following her were sitting in the back of the car.

The bees and their queen have finally been reunited, and no one was hurt. As a result, it was the weirdest thing that even Roger had ever seen in his whole life. Roger has been beekeeping for almost 30 years.

(Featured image credits Andrew Ranta/Flickr)

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