It was the first time in more than 100 years that a snowy owl was seen in Central Park.

It was a very rare sight to see a snowy owl in the city of New York. after one of the rarest wild visitors came to Central Park in more than 100 years. Bird watchers and people who like wildlife were puzzled by this.

As the American Museum of Natural History’s collection manager, Paul Sweet, says, the last time a snowy bird was seen in Central Park was in 1890. That’s about 130 years ago! When it gets cold outside, the snowy owls that live in the tundra move south for the winter. However, it’s very unusual to see them so far south.

People have been doing this since the first time they saw the snowy owl last week. People have been flocking to Central Park to see this rare bird.

Officials say that people should be careful and not get too close to the snowy owl.

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