It’s a heartwarming moment when two former circus lions take their first steps on grass.

Every animal has the right to a comfortable and free life. It is distressing to see animals kept in cages.

Circuses exist all across the world, and many animals are forced to please people in them. This is the story of two majestic lions that thanked those kind-hearted rescuers for helping them get through a difficult time in their lives. For the first time, imagine touching grass and breathing pure air for the rest of your life! What an incredible experience!

For almost eight years, Tarzan and Tanya have been forced to live a horrible existence as part of a Guatemalan circus. They were kept in teeny-tiny cages, and even then, they were mistreated for years!

Fortunately, Animal Defenders International (ADI), a global animal protection organization, learned of their plight and raced to their aid. Normally, lions are fearless beasts, but these two were terrified and perplexed when Jan and Tim, the ADI’s president and vice president, arrived to save them. The wounds on their bodies and hearts were reminders of how difficult their lives had been.

Fortunately, after years of a miserable existence, they finally got their chance to be free! Before being transferred to their new home, Tanya and Tarzan were taken to a rehabilitation center. That was a South African sanctuary where they could live freely for the rest of their lives! It was a sight to witness as they got the chance to walk on grass for the first time!

In the video below, learn more about Tarzan and Tanya’s rescue!

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