It’s Finally Happened to This Stray Pitbull Finally Finds A Home with His Favorite Toy

A dog can be a man’s best friend, but a stuffed purple unicorn can also be a dog’s best friend. When a stray pitbull named Sisu tried to steal a purple unicorn plush toy from Dollar General, the video of his relentless antics went viral online. Sisu’s owner has made numerous attempts to chase him away without success. Nonetheless, this bandit dog kept coming back for the same toy. The business owner contacted animal control to put an end to this disturbance, and it turned out that it was the day Sisu’s life changed forever. Samantha Lane, an animal control officer, bought Sisu his much-anticipated toy and then took Sisu to a shelter with her.

Sisu was unable to imagine his life without the toy. Maybe he had a toy like it, or something like that. Sisu, on the other hand, was able to stay in a shelter with his favorite toy until he found a new home when his post went viral.

Sisu’s story was shared in the hopes that someone would adopt him.

In the post, “This is what happens when you break into the Dollar General repeatedly to steal the purple unicorn that you laid claim to, but then get animal control called to lock you up for your B&E and larceny, but the officer purchases your item for you and brings it in with you.”


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