It’s so sweet that this cat always brings flowers to her favorite neighbor every day.

Even moving to a new neighborhood can sometimes be a lot of work. Unless, of course, you have a secret admirer who brings flowers to you every day. That’s what happened to Rosie when she moved into her new home in the UK.

Until yesterday, it was just a myth that it was her. When I was cooking, I saw her jump down with a pink flower in her mouth. You should have seen it. She is so cute, and I had never seen a cat bring back more than tiny animals before.

The woman was shocked to learn that someone brings her flowers every day and leaves them on the porch. However, when she found out the secret admirer was a very nice and friendly cat named Willow, she couldn’t believe it. She also found out that Willow likes to give all her friends’ gifts. Especially to the people who let her sleep on their porches and let her get some rest. And why not? Then again, Willow had her own house. It seems that life is better when you’re a guest.

: “We live on a street of terraced houses that backs up to another street of terraced houses with a little green space.” Willow is in charge of about six of the gardens, and I’m sure everyone feeds her because she’s so hard to say no to. This is how it works:

Because Willow is so big, it’s clear that all the neighbors love her and give her little treats. But, after all, there’s no other way to deal with a neighbor like that, right?

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