It’s the tortoise’s 187th birthday. It is the oldest living animal on the planet.

It’s a well-known fact that humans live longer than most animals. But tortoises are an exception. One of them even lived to the age of 187, which is a long time. Jonathan, a giant tortoise, is now the world’s oldest land animal, having been born in 1832. The tortoise is now living on the island of Saint Helena, Seychelles, and lives with the governor at the Plantation House, where they live.

I think it’s interesting that there was a picture of Jonathan taken in 1886. It can be compared to his current picture, just like a modern challenge called the #187yearschallenge. It’s important to note that the tortoise was already around 54 years old when this picture was taken. If you look at Jonathan, you can see that he is getting older. His senses of sight and smell are getting weaker, but he is still very active and alive. Jonathan doesn’t eat enough grass anymore, so Dr. Hollins gives him special food with more calories every week.

Humans usually live longer than animals. But tortoises are definitely an exception to the rule.

Jonathan is a giant tortoise from the Seychelles. He is the world’s oldest living land animal, and he is still alive today.

He was born in 1832 and now he’s 187.

He lives on the island of Saint Helena, where he is.

He is now living with the Governor in a plantation house that they own.

You can see how much Jonathan has changed since he was taken in 1902.

In the past, Jonathan’s senses of sight and smell began to fade.

A high-calorie meal for Jonathan is served every week, and it is different each time.

since he can no longer eat enough grass.

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