It’s time for modern women to stop caring about these 11 old beauty standards.

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At different times, women have had to adapt to different ideas of beauty. At one time, people thought it was beautiful to have natural curves, and at another time, it was beautiful to have completely plucked eyebrows. It’s hard to believe that those rules ever existed. But because the modern world changes so quickly, beauty styles don’t last for very long. Just when we got used to the idea that full lips are beautiful, it’s time to get rid of this rule.

Tight belly

Some women said that they don’t feel good about themselves because they don’t have a flat stomach. Diets and hard workouts are what women do to themselves to get rid of their round bellies. Doctors, on the other hand, say that a small amount of subcutaneous fat in this area is not a problem at all for a woman and is actually a sign that the body is working well.

Plump lips

Many people also like the look of full lips. Some people also think that thin lips show that the body is getting older. Because of this, modern women are crazy about making this part of their face bigger and more expressive. The most common way to do this today is with fills made from hyaluronic acid.

Doctors warn, though, that too many procedures to make lips bigger can hurt them in a big way. The injected medicine will cause the skin to stretch and sag, which will only make the situation worse.

Ideal shapes

The “hourglass” form has been seen as ideal for a long time. People look at those with a thin waist and shoulders and hips that look about the same size with admiration, while other girls are left to complain about their genes and be jealous of those with the perfect shape.

In fact, stylists think that any body shape can look good if it is “served correctly.” Girls with wide hips can make up for this by wearing a top with a bold pattern that draws attention to their back and shoulders. People with a “apple” shape might feel better about themselves if they physically define their waistline and draw attention to their best feature, which is their long legs.

An even complexion

Any girl’s dream is to have a face that is the same colour all over. Makeup foundation and concealer are easy to find in shops, and skilled peels are actively promoted by the cosmetology field. All of this should help women hide any flaws and even out their skin tone.

But it’s important to remember that sometimes it’s hard to get rid of pigmentation because it’s often caused by things inside a person, like their genes, the way their cells are built, and their hormonal background.

Wanting to slow down aging

Many women’s worst fears are wrinkles around the eyes, lines that look like wrinkles, and the first grey hairs. Scientists say not to worry about this, though, because a person doesn’t have much of an effect on how the biological clock works.

The thing is, the way people age relies on more than just their environment and how well they take care of themselves. It also depends on their genes and their general health. Celebrities show that getting older can happen in many different ways, and that all of them are beautiful.

Thick brows

In the 2020s, naturally thick brows have become a strong trend. But not every woman was lucky enough to have a dark, passionate arc. The beauty industry rushed to help all those “browless” women by advertising services like laminating and painting brows.

Some people like to draw each eyebrow hair, but others don’t see what’s so great about it.

I don’t even care about it, and I think it’s a waste of time to shape your eyebrows. Girls think it will make them look better, but in fact, it makes them look worse.

Wrinkle-free face

People say that nasolabial folds make a woman look sad and add a few years to her appearance. Women pay money for Botox and fillers to get rid of these signs of age. But all of these things take away what nature has given women: their natural beauty and individuality.

Cameron Diaz said she almost lost herself when trying to stay young. When she talked about “beauty injections” in her book, the star told her fans, “I’d rather see my face age than a face that doesn’t belong to me.”

An ideal nose

Many plastic doctors can now make the perfect nose, which has become a girl’s dream. The stereotype so blinds a lot of them that they forget that having an odd nose is not a flaw but something that makes each of us special. And stars are happy to use it.

Lea Michele, an actress, is proof of this. She says she is proud of every part of her body, even the part of her nose that sticks out and has a hook-shaped tip.

Hiding traces of tiredness on the face

Everyone uses up energy during the day, and sometimes we do it so much that it’s more than our bodies can handle. Tiredness and insufficient sleep can cause dark lines and bags under the eyes. You can fight them in many ways. But the best thing to do is to let yourself rest and get back to your routine. At the same time, it’s not a big deal if you go out in public with dark bags under your eyes. Just look at Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella in the Twilight films.

Perfectly white teeth

We’re told in mouthwash ads that our teeth will be as white as snow. And in romcoms and TV shows, we often see the same bright white teeth. But it’s not a secret that teeth are often yellow in colour on their own. And as time goes on, we understand it better. Even Hollywood stars these days don’t rush to get bright-white smiles that don’t look natural. Instead, they prefer smiles with natural tints.

The absence of cellulite

Statistics show that about 80–90% of women know this oddity. This means that there aren’t many girls who don’t have cellulite, so it would be strange to think of it as something different from the standard. If it doesn’t bother you, there’s no reason to hide it by wearing long skirts and trousers, especially when it’s hot outside.

Every day, new trends and directions pop up in the beauty business, making it hard to keep up. But the most beautiful woman always meets two criteria: she has to be healthy and happy. Bright eyes and smiles will never be replaced by fillers and a lot of makeup on the face. What other beauty standards do you think are out of date? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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