Jamie Lee Curtis talks about her trans daughter for the first time since she came out.

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You are currently viewing Jamie Lee Curtis talks about her trans daughter for the first time since she came out.

When Jamie Lee Curtis’s daughter told her she was transgender, there was only one thing she could do.

Ruby told her parents she was transgender in 2020. She said it was “scary,” but she wasn’t afraid because she knew how “accepting” her parents were.

She was right, too, because Curtis has always supported her daughter and fought for trans rights in the years since.

Entertainment Weekly says that when Curtis was on the US talk show Morning Joe, she talked about some of the projects she had worked on and the emotions that came with them.

But Ruby, her daughter, who is transgender, was the topic she was most excited to talk about.

She said, “Love is what this life is all about. Love is a big part of being a parent, and I love Ruby. She’s great.

“People have told me, ‘You’re so great for loving her. What do you want to say? This person came to me and said, “This is who I am. This is my daughter.” My job is to tell them, “Welcome home.”

“I will fight anyone who says she doesn’t exist and defend her right to exist.”

Curtis has learned that it’s very important to listen and learn throughout the whole process because it won’t be easy.

She also said, “The most important thing I’m trying to learn is that I don’t know everything.” I wake up every day with a clear head and the thought, “I don’t know everything.” I’m not very smart.

“I don’t know much about a lot of things. And there’s a lot I need to learn about this.'”

Back in 2021, a year after her daughter came out, Curtis talked to People magazine about how to deal with her daughter’s gender identity. She said it was like speaking a new language’.

“It’s about learning new words and terms. I just started. “I’m not making it look like I know a lot about it when I don’t,” she said.

“And I’m going to mess up and make mistakes. I want to try hard not to make big mistakes.

“You speak a little bit slower. You start to think a little more about what you say. The way you say it. You still make mistakes, and I’ve made two mistakes today. We’re people.”

This year, Curtis celebrated her daughter on Trans Day of Visibility, which takes place every year on March 31.

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