Jason Ritter stood up for his wife, the actress Melanie Lynskey, when online trolls tried to shame her about her body.

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You are currently viewing Jason Ritter stood up for his wife, the actress Melanie Lynskey, when online trolls tried to shame her about her body.

Jason Ritter and Melanie Lynskey are well-known stars who have worked in movies and TV shows. They are also a couple who are always there for each other. Melanie was recently body-shamed online, so Jason let the trolls know how he felt. Because of this and other things, we think this couple is perfect for each other, so we wanted to tell you all about it.

On the set of The Big Ask, Melanie and Jason met.

Like a lot of other Hollywood couples, they met on the set of a movie. The first time they worked together was on the set of The Big Ask in 2013, but they keep getting cast in the same movies. In the movie We’ll Never Have Paris, they even got to play each other’s brothers.

Jason asked Melanie to marry him in the most adorable way.

Melanie and Jason were together for four years before the star asked the actress to marry him in 2017. She said that she didn’t know he was going to ask her to marry him, so she was surprised when he did it on their sofa. “It was cute” was the only thing the star wanted to say about it in an interview.

Soon, they had a few more people in their family.

In 2018, a year after they got engaged, they brought a baby girl into their lives. Melanie wrote on her social media, “We feel lucky to have been able to keep our news to friends and family for a while, but I guess the story got out, so! Yes! In December, Jason Ritter and I had a girl.

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The actress is always posting cute pictures of their daughter with her dad. She even wrote in the text of one picture, “A little girl who knows she has the best dad in the world.” Lynskey also said that when it comes to being parents, they work together as a team. She said, “He’s so helpful and kind, and he’s willing to travel with me so that the whole family can be together.” “I do the same for him, but I’ve been working a lot lately, so he’s been making the sacrifice more often than I have.”

They had to hurry up and get married.

Jason and Melanie didn’t have a big wedding. Instead, they had a small party with just six people. Someone told her the wrong thing, so they had to hurry up with their wedding. She was going to be shooting the TV show Yellowjackets in Vancouver, and someone told her, “Jason won’t be able to get into Canada unless you’re married.” The actress said that wasn’t true.

Melanie was so scared that she said, “We have a child? Tomorrow is our wedding day.” Melanie said the woman who married them was a nice lady. The wedding took place on their front porch. Two of their friends and their daughter came to visit.

Since the beginning of her career, people have said things about Melanie’s looks that she didn’t ask for.

Melanie’s life has not been perfect. There have been times when coworkers and people on the internet have made comments about her weight. Melanie remembers when she was working on the set of the movie Coyote Ugly with the wardrobe designer. He told her, “Nobody told me there would be girls like you.” Really strong comments about my body and how it looks.”

Melanie talked about the mean things people had said about her body online at the start of 2022. People would act worried about her health after they said mean things about her. The star answered, “But you don’t see me on my peloton!” You don’t see me and my child running through the park. “Thin does not always mean healthy,” she said, and we agree with her.

Even her husband Jason defended Melanie with a funny post on social media: “If anyone has any more unsolicited comments about anyone else’s body, they can feel free to write them in permanent ink on their own foreheads and swan dive straight into the sun.”

They always have each other’s backs.

Jason is also Melanie’s biggest fan when it comes to her work. “Yes, we’ve helped each other get caught on tape and do other things like that. And it’s nice if we have a problem, are worried about a scene, or can’t get something to work. I think I can really ask her. I learn so much from her. “I think she’s such a great actor,” the star said.

When asked about her husband in an interview, actress Melanie said, “I honestly feel like I won the lottery. I have the best husband. He’s such a good dad; he loves me; he makes me feel beautiful no matter what; he’s a good, good person; and he’s so cute.”

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