Julia Roberts and her husband share a steamy PDA photo on their 21st wedding anniversary.

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You are currently viewing Julia Roberts and her husband share a steamy PDA photo on their 21st wedding anniversary.

Julia Roberts just reached an important personal milestone, which she’s proud of. On their 21st wedding anniversary, the award-winning actor and her husband shared a rare and special moment. Since the couple prefers to keep their relationship quiet, the rare PDA is getting a lot of attention and making fans worldwide happy.

A love story that has held up over time.

Many people have found hope in Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s long-lasting marriage. In a time when famous relationships often fail under the weight of fame and public attention, their lasting love story is a sign of hope. When they first met in 2000, they were good friends. In 2002, they got married.

A rare look at their personal lives.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have worked hard to keep the media from prying into their relationship. They are known for their privacy and caution. All these years, they have kept their private lives separate from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment business.

But the recent PDA picture that Roberts shared is a big change from how they usually act. In the picture, the couple is seen kissing each other intensely.

Roberts doesn’t hide the reason why his marriage works.

Even after 20 years, what keeps the spark alive? The star says that it’s all in a kiss! “I always say that, and I’m not going to change… It’s making out. “There was a lot of kissing,” she said.

Even though they had a rough start together, they are now one of the most powerful pairs in Hollywood.

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